Sunday, November 23, 2008

Super-sizing Micro-finance


SUPERSIZING MICROFINANCE / Super-sizing Micro-finance

The McDonald's of Microfinancing ?

Various ambitious charitable or NGO initiatives exist to connect a "billion" people in the Developing World to the internet, the telecom grid, or an electronic banking system. However, they all rely to a degree (or totally) on charity or microfinance funding mechanisms that are self-limiting. In contrast, the cell-phone-based, self-funding Carbon Micro Credit (CMC) system described in this blog has no such limitations, and allows for the first time the supersizing of microfinance.

The World of Micro-Financing would benefit greatly by emulating the business model of McDonald's -- applying consistent standards worldwide in every location, while permitting small customization at the local level. Hence the other entries in this blog describing:

(1) a Standard International Carbon Micro Credit (SICMC) = 2 kilograms of CO2/person/day in the Developing World

(2) a Universal Carbon-Micro-Credit (CMC) Registry; and

(3) a CMC Operating System or CMC software architecture for cell phone-based accounting, trading and monetization of Carbon Micro Credits.

International agreement on such standards would permit the rapid implementation of Carbon Micro Credit projects anywhere worldwide in a few weeks or months. In contrast, some of the "billion" initiatives described on internet sites talk about timelines measured in decades, sadly.

With consistent standards, Carbon Micro Credits could rapidly become the Big Macs, frequent-flyer miles, or carbon Euros of the Developing World -- a uniform measure, store of value and versatile currency for the world's poorest people.

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