Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Means Testing for Carbon Credit Originators?


Means Testing for Carbon Offset Originators ?

The Carbon Micro Credit (CMC) as widow's mite ?

Can carbon offsets roll downhill ?

Carbon Trading -- a USD/US$ 100 billion market by 2010

Out of Africa ? And back into Africa ?

"The World Bank estimates that the size of the carbon market was USD 11 billion in 2005, USD 30 billion in 2006, and USD 64 billion in 2007" []. Various sources estimate the global carbon trading market to reach the nice-round number of USD 100 billion by the nice-round date of 2010.

No wonder this carbon honey-pot has attracted 100s of carbon carpetbaggers, carbon gold diggers and financial opportunists from the rich nations of our Developed World. So how long before we see these gems of Wall Street engineering appear on the carbon trading scene ?

(1) CBS = Carbon-backed Securities ?

(2) CDS = Carbon Default Swaps ?

(3) CCO = Collateralized Carbon Obligations ? -- and

(4) Carbon offset hedge funds ?

They're coming to a brokerage near you sometime soon, sadly.

In great contrast, the cell-phone-based Carbon Micro Credits (CMCs) described in this blog, which are produced on the ground in the Developing World by solar cooking or by other real activities of poor individuals, are the pennies saved in a child's piggybank and the widow's mites given at the temple.

Such offsets should have greater market value than those produced by major corporations in China, India and South Korea by means of stretching the bounds of the United Nations' Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), e.g., by reducing NO2 emissions at a chemical plant, which should have been done ethically anyway with no reward at all of CDM carbon credits.

In short, the entire carbon credit / offset field should implement means testing, such that carbon credits are awarded from the Bottom of the Pyramid upwards. Now, carbon credits are given to the rich or middle-class at the Top or Middle of the Pyramid. But the Bottom has the greatest need, and ethically their offsets should be sold first and at higher rates/ton.

But how do we make carbon credits roll downhill -- and reliably identify their origin ? Consistent and broad implementation of the cell-phone-based Carbon Micro Credit (CMC) system will eventually pull carbon credits downward to their rightful resting place in the hands of the world's most deserving people. In parallel, however, major nations, leagues of nations, NGOs, charities and influential opinion leaders worldwide should lobby for this transformative reallocation of the rewards of the carbon-trading industry.

The cell-phone-based Carbon Micro Credit system described here makes it all possible today.

USD 100 billion for Wall Street bonuses ?

Or USD 100 each for 1 billion needy people in Africa ?

You decide.

Globally & warmly yours,

David Palella
Caped Carbon Crusader

San Diego, CA
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