Sunday, November 2, 2008

Micro Carbon Credit / Nano Carbon Credit / Pico Carbon Credit ?


Where will the fractionalization of Carbon Credits end ?

This innovative company below is "breaking bulk" down to the level of 1 gram of carbon or CO2 -- bravo !


VER = Voluntary Emission Reduction credit.

To quote from the company's web site:

"VERcert is the first solution that offers consumers the ability to truly offset their carbon footprint when making purchases online. Each VERcert is in fact a 100 % guaranteed & verifiable micro carbon offset credit certificate, linked via a traceable serial number, to a macro, Voluntary Emission Reduction certificate, provided by one of our carbon credit supply partners.

VERcert is the world’s first micro VER certificate issuing, & certificate authentication authority, providing enablement technology to consumers and merchants alike in the area of carbon footprint offsetting."

Simply stated, VERcert is most likely buying validated carbon offsets in multi-ton quantities from the European Climate Exchange (ECX) or the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) and breaking them down into gram or kilogram quantities for re-sale. This business model is the complement on the consumer side to my own idea for Carbon Micro Credits (CMCs) on the producer side on the ground in the Developing World.

Green house gas-associated micro-financing is now accessible to both the consumer and the producer anywhere on Planet Earth. I compliment VERcert for their world-changing business model.