Thursday, November 27, 2008

Microfinance X.0 -- An Extreme Makeover


Generation X Microfinance

The Linux O.S. for Microfinance

Super-sizing Microfinance -- "Over 1 billion served" ?

Strategic Microfinance Initiative

The cell phone is THE Solution

How can microfinance rapidly address the immediate needs of "the Next Billion"? Rather thank just a few million people?

The Next Generation of Microfinance must embrace for-profit Free Enterprise, as well as Star Wars-caliber thinking a la Ronald Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative. Therefore, the main characteristics of Microfinance X.0 will be:

(1) Scales RAPIDLY to 10,000s or 100,000s of families in the Developing World due to consistent SOPs (standard operating procedures), accepted international standards (e.g., the Standard International Carbon Micro Credit & Carbon Micro Credit Registry described in earlier posts below), and parsimony / simplicity

(2) Self-funding, self-regenerating and markets-based via Carbon Micro Credits or another perpetual funding mechanism; No charity is required

(3) It must be based on an inexpensive device or technology platform that ALREADY exists in situ (in place) in the 100s of millions or billions of units. This means the cell phone or mobile. There's no other "solution"

(4) Open source code and completely public domain -- no proprietary systems, software nor equipment, no secret sauce or know-how, no control by any single company, bank, NGO or charity -- in short, the Linux operating system (O.S.) of Microfinance

(5) The only control or referee ? -- one small, non-profit standards-setting group/body that RAPIDLY defines the the SOPs, measures and international standards described below in this blog

(6) Accomplishes multiple goals at once including:

-- (i) MicroEducation

-- (ii) MicroMedicine or public health, and

-- (iii) mitigating global warming.

The current focus is mainly on poverty elimination only; and, finally

(7) No egos involved, no looooong self-laudatory bio's and no "Donate Now" buttons on web sites, no CPU-intensive flash routines on web sites targeting viewers in the Developing World, and no resourceless non-profit minds with zero-sum thinking.

Microfinance X.0 is the roadmap for enfranchising the "Next Billion". Let's free microfinance from the shackles of charity and a poverty of imagination.

Globally & warmly yours,

David Palella
Caped Carbon Crusader

San Diego, CA
tel: 858-793-0741