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Carbon Manna(C) Unlimited Announces Solar Manna(C) & Forest Manna(C), and Filing of a U.S. Patent Application...


Here is the Carbon Manna news release that came out on MarketWire on 19 May 2009:

Carbon Manna(C) Unlimited Announces Solar Manna(C) & Forest Manna(C), and Filing of a U.S. Patent Application for the Cell Phone-Based Carbon Micro-Profit-Sharing System

Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Reforestation, Micro-Entrepreneurialism, Women's Empowerment, Micro-Property Rights and Improved Family Health -- All Features of the Carbon Manna(C) System

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - May 19, 2009) - Carbon Manna Unlimited, an international non-profit standards-setting organization, announced today new uniformity initiatives for solar-power projects in the Developing World -- Solar Manna©, as well as for reforestation projects -- Forest Manna©, which make use of the Carbon Manna© cell phone-based Micro-Profit-Sharing System.

Moreover, to exclude profiteers who would manipulate Carbon Manna projects for personal or corporate gain, a detailed provisional U.S. Patent application has been filed to provide a future legal framework for safeguarding the micro-property and micro-profit-sharing rights of poor families participating in Carbon Manna-certified programs.

The Carbon Manna system employs SMS (short message service) and unique identifiers that will allow millions of families in the Developing World to claim by mobile phone on a bi-weekly basis the carbon offsets they produce by converting to more efficient cooking methods such as a modern charcoal stove or solar cooker, instead of an inefficient 3-stone fire burning biomass. As a result, each family becomes a micro-profit center and is able to monetize directly its own contribution to mitigating global climate change, while also slowing regional deforestation and desertification, which are metastatic ecological scourges in Sub-Saharan Africa in particular.

Cell phone-based Carbon Manna projects may also include reforestation programs that sequester CO2 (Forest Manna©), as well as solar-powered lighting and village-level phone-recharging stations that reduce green house gas emissions (Solar Manna©), thus allowing entrepreneurial families to claim via cell phone two or three types of Carbon Micro Credits or Profits at the same time.

Most importantly, the Carbon Micro-Profit-Sharing System is NOT a form of self-limiting, debt-based microfinance; rather, courtesy of the US$100 billion global carbon-trading markets, it provides potentially unlimited and definitely immediate micro PROFITS to the Poor, and therefore is similar in concept to frequent-flyer miles, which are an asset, not a liability. Thus, Carbon Manna programs produce micro-assets (profits or savings) that may be used as micro-collateral in a traditional microfinance (loan) setting. In short, Carbon Manna provides a tenable basis for supersizing debt-based microfinance, which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.

Moreover, Carbon Micro Profits or Credits may be easily converted to cash, e-money, cell phone minutes/airtime, or any other non-inflatable store-of-value. And where mobile money transfer systems are available such as Safaricom's M-Pesa and Zain's ZAP systems in Kenya and Tanzania, every handset becomes an ATM, and cash may be withdrawn at thousands of stores and banks nationwide. Hence, Tanzania and Kenya, plus the other East African countries of Rwanda, Uganda, Malawi and Ethiopia, realistically offer a fertile ground for the rapid growth of Carbon Manna to the level of millions of families over the next five years.

"Because of the power and uniqueness of the Carbon Manna System and the potential for carbon-offset carpetbaggers to maliciously exploit it to violate the micro-property rights of the Poor, especially in Africa, on 24 April 2009 we filed a provisional U.S. Patent titled: Micro-Credit / Micro-Profit Sharing Method and System for Claiming and Monetizing Personal Emissions Reductions," remarked Tom Ichim, a board member of Carbon Manna Unlimited in San Diego.

For the same reason, Dr. Hong Ma, Executive Director of Carbon Manna Unlimited, stated: "To further ensure the fair treatment of poor families in the Developing World, in a white paper titled 'Carbon Manna Economic-Rewards Allocation Guidelines,' we have detailed economic and accounting ground rules for equitably sharing monetary gains from Carbon Manna programs. And because we directly and efficiently transfer payments wirelessly to participating families, we disintermediate all middlemen, minimize chances for graft, and maximize cash flows to the Poor."

Finally, David Palella, the Founder of Carbon Manna Unlimited, highlighted: "The cell phone-based Carbon Manna System represents an entirely novel form of microfinance, let us call it GigaFinance X.0, that uniquely utilizes markets-based mechanisms to address multiple topical themes including sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR), reforestation, micro-property rights, women's empowerment, micro-entrepreneurism and improved family health -- all in one elegantly scalable vehicle."

For corporate social responsibility (CSR), philanthropic, sponsorship or collaborative opportunities with Carbon Manna Unlimited and/or Carbon Manna Africa; or for speaker requests or celebrity inquiries; and to co-opt a sustainable and universally applicable micro-paradigm that can indeed quickly scale to benefit the "Next Billion" at the Base of the Pyramid, please contact:

David A. Palella
San Diego, California
tel: 858-793-0741
email: Email Contact


Geoffrey Kiringa
Nairobi Kenya
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Carbon Manna creates Micro-Profits, Micro-Assets & Micro-Collateral to salvage Microfamineance [ sic ]



### This post has been edited & expurgated for political correctness.

### And names have been changed to protect micromoaners from a horrible self-discovery.

### Even so, "professional" micromoaners may not want to enter this site without parental guidance.

*********** FOR YOUR EYES ONLY ! ***********

Micro Assets & Micro Collateral -- courtesy of the Carbon Micro Profit Sharing System (CMPSS)

Now every Poor Family qualifies for a Microfinance Loan ! -- whether they need it or not.

Here ! -- take my micro-debt, please !

Micro-savings = no save for microfinance -- Yurrrrr out! -- of money!

MicroDebt & MicroSavings = rental Port-a-Potties in a construction famine?

The cell-phone-based Carbon Micro Profit Sharing System (CMPSS) described at length in this blog enables poor families in the Developing World to directly monetize their carbon offsets realized from more efficient cooking equipment without the intervention or intercession of any intermediaries, except for their local CMPSS Project Manager.

All other parties such as charities, NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and MFIs (micro-finance institutions) are disintermediated, and all profits therefore rightly and righteously fall to the bottom line of the "Bottom of the Pyramid".

All profits that is, save for a reasonable project management fee paid to the local CMPSS Project Manager. And this fee scales down over the life of each project (3 - 5 years), such that a larger percentage of the money is paid directly to the participating families each year.

As a result of this ultimate, cell-phone-enabled, micro-trickledown economic model, every family participating in a Carbon Manna project now has micro-ASSETS -- assets from two sources:

(1) profits realized from their sold Carbon Micro Offsets, and

(2) even greater "profits" realized from savings on fuel from using their more efficient cookstove, which creates the offsets (50 - 70 % more efficient versus an open-pit fire).

The sum of these 2 cash flows for a typical family amounts to approximately US$ 90 - 150 per year. For folks living on US$ 1/day, this money is a godsend. A godsend called Carbon Manna.

But as a bone for the now disintermediated microfinance professionals worried about their careers -- take heart ! -- now every family participating in a Carbon Manna / CMPSS project has ...... Micro-COLLATERAL!

Bingo ! Ka-ching ! Ka-ching ! -- Now you can indebt them with little fear of default ! .......... Heavenly !

In short, courtesy of MFIs (microfinance institutions) desperate to preserve their now-archaic business models, I foresee a future, booming, unregulated MFI market in:

-->> Carbon Manna equity loans

-->> Carbon Manna pay-day loans

-->> Carbon Manna pawn shops

-->> Carbon Manna loan collection agencies

-->> Carbon Manna-backed micro-credit cards

-->> Carbon Manna collateralized debt obligations, and

-->> Carbon Manna credit default swaps.

Forgetting for now the MFI loan sharks and their usurious debt instruments, and looking at MFI's much-trumpeted micro-SAVINGS concept, the cash flows from each family's participation in a CMPSS program will now allow them for the first time to actually fund their micro-savings account. Previous efforts to establish giga-scale micro-savings programs for the proverbial and hallucinated "Next Billion" were effete and flaccid -- how can people living on US$ 1-2 / day set aside savings ? Duh !

Or how can they, even if their accounts are initially seeded with a few dollars by The Gates Foundation? Double duh ! The poorest Poor must often eat their seed corn to survive another day or week. Seeds in a Time of Famine are called "Food", and they no longer lead to growth. Nor to savings.

But now, in sum, the fruit of Carbon Manna is the saving grace for both microfinance/micro-debt and micro-savings. Carbon Manna will repay the first (debt) and fund the second (savings). For a very real, not imaginary, "Next Billion" (just as approximately 1 billion frequent-flyer-mile accounts now exist in the Developed World). All this without charity or debt. Courtesy of the US$ 100 billion global carbon markets.

Will MFI "professionals" drinking vintage-1980s group-think Kool-Aid wake up anytime soon to the Miracle of Carbon Manna ? And will their crippled business models of MicroDebt and MicroSavings become rental Port-a-Potties in the coming economic famine? -- unwanted, unused, un-rented -- empty thrones for long-dead kings wearing no clothes?

I challenge them all to look in a mirror and reflect deeply.

Ahhhhh ! -- I love the smell of Carbon Manna in the morning !

Very frankly yours,

David A. Palella
Chief Carbon Manna Visionary
San Diego, CA
tel: 858-793-0741

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