Sunday, January 24, 2010

The "Grand Micro Challenges©" or "Micro Grand Challenges©" to be announced by Carbon Manna Unlimited


Smashing the pumpkins of microfinance

"All progress depends on the unreasonable man" -- or woman

The student surpasses the master, who gives way graciously

The Gates Foundation and other non-profits have issued Grand Challenges for global healthcare or space travel or mathematics, but where are the "Grand Micro Challenges©" or "Micro Grand Challenges©" that will generate New Markets-based Micro Ideas to economically liberate "The Next Billion"?

Where are these novel paradigms ?

The poverty of global imagination traps the "Bottom of the Pyramid" in "a cruel and malignant Fate" that no NGO nor charity nor government agency has ever been able to alter. The Deep Debt Rut from Dhaka shackles Womankind & Mankind in usury and existential penury -- and sycophantic accolades for simplistic ideas continue in the face of the conceptual progress manifested on this digital record of Micro Progress.

Can you too shatter the micro stereotypes and "Think Different" ?

History will judge us, not mere micro women or micro men.

Globally & warmly yours, David Palella

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Carbon Manna Unlimited announces "The Micro Sustainability Prizes©" for Innovations in Markets-based “Micro” Paradigms


Carbon Manna Unlimited announces "The Micro Sustainability Prizes©" for Innovations in Markets-based, Self-regenerating Micro-economic and Micro-ecological Paradigms for "The Next Billion" in the Developing World

San Diego, CA (PRweb) January 18, 2010 -- Carbon Manna Unlimited in San Diego, California, a non-profit think-tank and international "micro" standards-setting organization, announced today the Carbon Manna(SM) "Micro Sustainability Prizes©", the world's first awards designed to recognize innovation and creativity in the field of markets-based, self-sustaining, micro-economic or micro-ecological paradigms implementable in the Developing World.

The Micro Sustainability Prizes© will be awarded annually to the most novel open-source ideas in markets-based, sustainable "micro" paradigms, also known as "The Micro Revolutions©". If you have developed or even just conceptualized a self-funding, universally-applicable micro paradigm or wealth-creation system for the Base of the Pyramid (BOP) or "The Next Billion", we encourage you to apply today for this awards program.

"Richard Feynman, the late American physicist, said, 'There's plenty of room at the bottom!', and nowhere is this truer than in the areas of sustainable micro-entrepreneurism, micro-environmentalism and micro-economic initiatives for the Developing World that embrace naturally regenerative mechanisms or self-renewing funding sources, such as Bono's Product (Red)™ campaign," remarked David Palella, Founder of Carbon Manna Unlimited.

And because good ideas come from anywhere, these cash awards are open to all comers worldwide including school children, entrepreneurs, homemakers, refugee camp residents, corporations, professors, sanitation workers, government employees, the homeless and Nobel Prize winners. In particular, student teams from any country are strongly encouraged to apply.

The application process is simple -- submit a 1-page Executive Summary in English via email to Carbon Manna Unlimited by 30 April 2010. All ideas will remain the sole property of the inventors/creators, and Carbon Manna Unlimited will make no attempt to implement nor utilize any of the ideas submitted. On 31 May 2010 we will publish the 3 winning entries on our web site.

Nota bene that absolutely NO debt-based microfinance "solutions" will be considered for these awards as by definition micro debt or micro loans are self-limiting, economically regressive, and no longer an "innovation" in the realm of micro-economic paradigms. Similarly, any "solutions" that include direct governmental involvement are also verboten.

Rather, preference will be given to inventions or novel processes that stress:

(1) disintermediation or elimination of administrative layers and any NGO/NPO/MFI middlemen

(2) direct, documentable and incorruptible conveyance of material or monetary benefits to poor families, e.g., via mobile money transfer (MMT)

(3) technologies appropriate for a Developing-World context, e.g., 2G handsets and SMS (short message service); and

(4) free markets, protection of micro-property rights, open-source or freeware principles, self-governance and self-reliance.

For inspiration, applicants are encouraged to study the various novel and self-funding micro-economic, micro-ecological and micro-environmental paradigms described in detail here:

The Micro Sustainability Prizes© are partially funded by a generous donation from Dr. Sergey O. Sablin. Other benefactor inquiries are welcome.

About Carbon Manna Unlimited:

Carbon Manna Unlimited, a public charity, is a "micro" think-tank and international open-source standards-setting organization popularizing two universally-applicable, cell-phone-based, self-funding micro-economic paradigms: (1) the markets-based Carbon-Offset Micro-PROFIT-Sharing System; and (2) the Reduced-fuel-expense Micro-SAVINGS Program. Our pilot project is now in the advanced planning stage in Kogelo, Kenya, the ancestral hometown of U.S. President Barack Obama. Reference:

For corporate social responsibility (CSR), philanthropic, sponsorship or collaborative opportunities with Carbon Manna Unlimited; or for speaker requests or celebrity inquiries; and to co-opt a sustainable and universally applicable micro-paradigm that can indeed quickly scale to benefit the "Next Billion" at the Base of the Pyramid, please contact:

David A. Palella
San Diego, California

tel: 858-793-0741

See the original news release on-line at: