Saturday, November 22, 2008

Carbon-Micro-Credit (CMC) Registry


Universal Carbon-Micro-Credit (CMC) Registry

Caller ID or Radio-tagging for Carbon Credits ?

Fingerprinting Carbon Credits for Traceability ?

Social Security Numbers for Carbon Offsets ?

Do you know what your carbon offsets are doing today ?

Carbon Credit ankle bracelets ?

Do you know from where your purchased carbon-offsets came ? From a factory in a Developing Country violating child-labor laws ? From a cement plant polluting the local water table ? From a nuclear power plant that received excessive credits under an ill-conceived cap & trade system ? Who knows ?

And for the sake of corporate image enhancement, shouldn't you buy carbon offsets or carbon micro offsets from individuals, families, villages, cities, regions and countries where you do business ? Or from such places where your customers do business, live, vacation, or about which your stakeholders care ?

For these reasons and the others explained below, end-to-end traceability of carbon offsets will eventually happen.

In the case of Carbon Micro Credits (CMCs), to facilitate their faster adoption, a Universal Carbon Micro Credit (CMC) Registry is needed. The Registry will be a look-up database of unique alphanumeric serial numbers that will be assigned to any device or small-scale project worldwide that generates Carbon Micro Credits, to include small methane-capture or reforestation / sustainability projects, conversion of 2-stroke motorcycles to direct fuel injection, or the use of solar cookers or more efficient charcoal cookers (e.g., a Uganda stove).

Groups or batches of sequential serial numbers would be created, assigned and either sold or donated to specific Carbon Micro Credit (CMC) projects worldwide. The serial numbers would contain fields designating these values or variables, among others:

(1) This device/project may generate only X Carbon Micro Credits/day

(2) This serial No. is valid for only X months or Y years

(3) The CMC's country of origin

(4) A unique portion of the No. to be used when claiming CMCs by cell phone

(5) The type/nature of the device or project generating the CMCs; and

(6) Other values / variables ?

So after X months or Y years the serial No. will expire and the user will no longer receive CMCs for that device or project.

Such a Universal Carbon Micro Credit (CMC) Registry with uniform serial No.s will allow development of a standardized CMC O.S. -- a CMC Operating System or CMC software architecture -- for mobile carriers, which will be outlined in a future post.

As well, for carbon offset buyers who care about the origin or provenance of the credits they are buying, the Registry will allow "radio tagging", fingerprinting or bar coding of every carbon credit or microcredit produced worldwide. Thus, every CMC produced will have a personality and local flavor that can be positioned and marketed to the most interested buyer willing to pay the highest price. In sum, the Registry will allow personalized marketing, perfect price discrimination, and revenue maximization for micro carbon credit producers.

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David Palella
Caped Carbon Crusader

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