Wednesday, December 17, 2008

School-Lunch Carbon-Micro-Offset Program


Carbon-Micro-Offset School Lunch Program

Elementary education about carbon offsets

Environmentally programming young minds

A nickel a day keeps Dr. Doom away ?

It takes a classroom to adopt a village

How do we teach our children the importance of daily offsetting of their own carbon footprints and the carbon pawprints of their meat-eating pets too? Shazam ! -- the Carbon-Micro-Offset School Lunch Program !

Every day require children in all elementary, middle and high schools in America to buy a micro or nano carbon offset at lunch time to mitigate the green-house-gas emissions caused by producing their own food -- not to mention the emissions from their own diesel-powered school bus.

How about 5 cents payable per child per day? As noted before below in an earlier post, the carbon footprint of a single Big Mac is almost 5 lbs of carbon -- which today would cost about 5 - 8 cents on the European Climate Exchange.

The 5 cents per day per child could be aggregated by each classroom or each grade level in a school, and then used to buy micro or nano carbon offsets from any of the dozens or hundreds of retail green-house-gas offset providers listed on this very useful and educational web site:


--- [ Carbon Offset Review ]

Many thanks to fellow blogger Olliegator for pointing this site out to me.

In essence, each classroom or grade level in a school could support a cause or microfinance project somewhere in the world that resonated with the children -- a solar-cooking project in a village in Africa, a reforestation project in Brazil, a methane-capture project in Indonesia, and so on. Whether you believe in global warming or not, this exercise would at least teach all children in America the importance of charity and something more about world geography.

Come January, why not write to the new Secretary of Education in Washington, DC, and why not write now to your own state's and local school district's equivalents, and propose your own statewide or local Carbon-Micro-Offset School Lunch Program ?

Teach your children well, "for they shall inherit the Earth".

Warmly & elementarily yours,

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Caped Carbon Crusader

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