Tuesday, December 2, 2008



Carbon Offset Magna Carta Libertatum

Hammurabi's Carbon Code of Conduct

Today in the Developing World the carbon offsets of poor individuals are often wrongly appropriated and sold at a profit by corporations or others purporting to operate for the Common Good, or just for their own Uncommon Greed. But even in the 1200s common sense and fair play were obvious to the writers of the Magna Carta in these clauses dealing with:

"Anti-corruption and fair trade:

Clauses 28 to 32 state that no royal officer may take any commodity such as grain, wood or transport without payment or consent...

Clause 35 sets out a list of standard measures..." [Wikipedia.org]

So how is it that almost 800 years later the same basic tenets of fairness are being violated again?

Carbon offsets are a new commodity such as the grain and wood mentioned above, apparently free for the taking by avaricious companies until a new carbon Magna Carta is written to stop them.

As well, a new 21st century "list of standard measures" must be writ to include The Standard International Carbon Micro Credit (SICMC) described in the post down below of 20 November 2008.

And a new carbon proclamation must be made to protect the Rights of the Poor, to wit:

---------- The CARBON FOOTPRINT BILL of RIGHTS ----------

(1) Individuals in the Developing World are sovereign and own their carbon footprint, which shall not be appropriated without due process, written consent and markets-based compensation.

(2) The carbon footprint of Individuals shall not be appropriated by NGOs (non-governmental organizations), charities, governments, corporations or other individuals claiming to operate for the Common Good or Greater Good.

(3) Individuals who reduce their carbon footprint shall have the right to monetize the reduction amount for at least 5 years.

(4) In the family setting, Women shall have an equal say in the monetization and disposition of the family's carbon offsets.

(5) Likewise, the proceeds of offset monetization shall benefit all members of the family equally, including Children & Women.

(6) Parents are responsible for protecting and monetizing the carbon offsets of their minor children.

(7) Where multiple options exist, Individuals shall have the freedom to monetize their carbon offsets in a manner of their own choosing.

(8) When an Individual's carbon offsets have been wrongly taken, the international courts of law shall rectify the taking and make whole the Individual's lost benefit, with interest.

(9) Individuals shall have precedence in the sale of their carbon offsets in markets worldwide, ranking above the interests of corporations, NGOs, governments and charities.

(10) The principles and spirit of "Fair Trade" and a "Living Wage" shall apply to the marketing and sale of the offsets of Individuals.

(11) The production and sale of offsets of Individuals shall be more highly valued by Society than entities having greater means, including charities, NGOs, governments and corporations.

(12) Individuals shall be free to convert their carbon offsets to any equivalent "coin of the realm" or international or electronic currency, or currency proxy. Such conversions, and the original carbon offsets earned, shall not be taxed nor otherwise encumbered by governments.

(13) Individuals, with the unanimous consent of their family members above the age of majority, shall be free to transfer their carbon offsets, or the corresponding monetary benefit, to any third party of their choosing.

(14) The monetary benefits of carbon-reduction projects targeting the Public Commons shall be shared equally with Individuals living in or near The Commons.

(15) Individuals shall not be allowed to offset their carbon footprints if the net result is a systems-level increase in greenhouse gases.

(16) More advantaged Individuals in the Developed World shall not unduly seek compensation for their carbon offsets to the economic detriment of Individuals in the Developing World.

(17) Individuals of means in the Developed World have a moral obligation to reduce their carbon footprint for the benefit of Mankind and their own children without seeking compensation.

---------- End of The CARBON FOOTPRINT BILL of RIGHTS ----------

The Carbon Micro Credit monetization concepts documented in this blog along with existing cell-phone technology completely empower and enfranchise the Sovereign Individual in the Developing World to directly benefit from their own carbon offsets. Hence, let the Age of Carbon Offset Property Rights begin.

Magnanimously & warmly yours,

David A. Palella
Caped Carbon Crusader

San Diego, CA
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