Thursday, December 18, 2008

Civil Disobedience & Carbon-Market Inequities


A Carbon Manifesto

Will Carbin Hood return to the Poor their rightful Carbon Offsets?

The Carbon Footprint Bill of Rights revisited

The End Justifies the Means Testing

Carbon-offset trading rules under the U.N./Kyoto Protocol "Clean Development Mechanism" (CDM) and other carbon-market regimes have led to a few grossly inequitable projects valued to the tune of US$ 150 - 200+ million/year (no typo) such as the two described in the articles cited below. As written before in this blog, the benefits and monetary rewards of global carbon trading should be pushed down to the "Bottom of the Pyramid" as soon as possible.

Rich companies should not benefit from green-house-gas reduction projects that they should have ethically undertaken anyway for the good of Humankind, as in #1 below. And the carbon-footprint property rights of the Poor in Africa should be respected and not taken without consent, as is happening in #2 below.

Means testing, Fairness testing, Fair Trade Principles and Common Sense must be applied to the U.N. CDM approval process and to other project-monetization regimes to protect the carbon property rights of the Poor, as well as to prevent the unfair flow of more wealth to the already-wealthy.

What Robin Hood-like entities will take back these unjust gains and return them to the Poor? Or what new carbon-market mechanisms will be developed to negate the undue influence of wealthy corporations in the Developed World? Which international NGO or sovereign government will be the first to endorse the Carbon Footprint Bill of Rights written below in the entry of 02 December 2008?

Until these questions are answered resoundingly, I call on all people with Common Sense and a Spirit of Fair Play to resist the implementation of unfair carbon-market mechanisms, and to boycott companies and their products that manipulate the current carbon trading "rules" for unfair gain.

Let the Poor inherit the carbon markets. Let the last now be first, let the "Bottom of the Pyramid" now be the top.

Warmly & fairly yours,

David A. Palella
Caped Carbon Crusader

San Diego, CA
tel: 858-793-0741


(1) "Rhodia S. Korea Plant Leads World in Carbon Credits"

"Laughing Gas: How To Game the Carbon Markets"

(2) "Cooking up carbon credits: By distributing energy-efficient stoves in Africa, JPMorgan Chase aims to reduce greenhouse gases - and increase profits"