Wednesday, December 3, 2008



A to-do list for Mankind's Journey to Carbon-Offset Enfranchisement

(1) Low-cost Carbon-Micro-Credit Cell Phone:

Produce a Carbon Micro Credit (CMC) cell phone with all the features described in the post below of 26 November 2008 for a manufacturing cost of less than US$ 20.00.

(2) Determine the Standard International Carbon Micro Credit (SICMC):

Quantify exactly the Standard International Carbon Micro Credit (SICMC) described in detail in the post below dated 20 November 2008, now guesstimated at 2 kilograms of CO2/person/day, such that rich foolish people in the Developed World no longer believe that Individuals living on less than US$ 2.00/day don't deserve to earn 15 - 25 cents/day for their carbon offsets.

(3) Standard International Carbon Micro Credit (SICMC) as physical constant:

Lobby major carbon-credit buyers, project originators, auditors, NGOs and governments to build a consensus to accept the SICMC as a valid universal standard, just as standard as traditional units of measure such as the kilogram or Planck's constant.

(4) The International Carbon Micro Credit Registry:

Develop a global Carbon Micro Credit (CMC) Registry or end-to-end tracking system described in detail in the post below dated 22 November 2008 that permits retail carbon-offset buyers to identify the Individual in the Developing World who produced the offset.

(5) The Carbon Micro Credit (CMC) Operating System (O.S.):

Write the code in Linux or another open-source programming language for a platform-agnostic CMC O.S (Operating System) that easily installs on the computer systems of most mobile carriers worldwide.

(6) Free Trade Zone status or Permanent Tax Holiday for CMCs:

Build universal agreement among all governments worldwide that CMCs shall not be taxed, blocked, confiscated nor otherwise encumbered at all stages of their creation, bundling, marketing, sale or conversion to an alternate currency such as cell-phone minutes, e-currency or cash.

(7) Unified Field Theory of Carbon-Offset Means Testing:

Build worldwide consensus that the carbon offsets of Individuals produced in the Developing World take precedence in valuation and sale over any other offsets.

(8) Breaking Bulk / Getting Granular / Thinking small:

Build consensus among carbon offset retailers and green house gas (GHG) exchanges worldwide to distribute and sell CMCs in any quantity, no matter how small.

(9) Thinking BIG:

Implement the Carbon Micro Credit system in the Developing World to individually empower and enrich at least 50 million people by 2015, 100 million by 2020, and 250 million by 2025.

(10) MicroMedicine and MicroEducation:

Organize and promote the analogous micro-fields of MicroTeleMedicine and MicroTeleEducation that are also immediately enabled by today's existing installed cell-phone base and telecommunications infrastructure.

(11) Carbon Nano Credit & Carbon Pico Credit:

Conceive, build a framework for, and implement the Carbon Nano Credit (CNC) and Carbon Pico Credit (CPC) -- the next generations of carbon micro credits. "There's plenty of room at the bottom" [Richard Feynman].

Grandly & warmly yours,

David A. Palella
Caped Carbon Crusader

San Diego, CA
tel: 858-793-0741