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"The Micro Revolutions Research Institute(SM)" -- Visionary Past as Productive Proactive Prolog ?


"The intellectually bankrupt MFIs, like dust..."

Counter-Revolutionary Micro Thinkers welcome at The Micro Revolutions Institute(SM) in San Diego

Macro Freedoms from Micro Innovation

Worldwide there is no organization nor institute nor academic department nor NGO nor charity nor government unit nor for-profit company actively ideating and innovating novel MARKETS-based, sustainable, NON-debt-based forms of microfinance, or micro economic paradigms, or micro-wealth-transfer or micro-income-generation mechanisms.

There are, however, indeed 1,000s or tens of 1,000s of NGOs, charities, academics and MFI organizations worldwide hopelessly mired in the Deep Debt Rut from Dhaka, singing choruses of sycophantic praise for interminable and minute permutations of micro-debt, and likewise completely bankrupt in imagination and resolutely resourceless.

Kenya alone, a "small" country the size of France with less than 40 million residents has over 4,000 registered charities -- 1 for every 10,000 people. India has over 1 million registered charities -- 1 for 1,200 people ! And allll these charities have their hands out for donations to support their infinitely duplicative overhead & adminstrative budgets.

Yet where is their innovation in the field of NON-debt-based microfinance or microeconomics?

In macro contrast, over the past 2 years, only Carbon Manna Unlimited in San Diego has invented and described in detail -- in the pubic domain -- multiple and novel forms of NON-debt-based micro-finance. We embrace "creative micro destruction" -- so why don't you ? Even destruction of our own ideas.

Thinking expansively, all economic progress since Sumerian times has begun with Individual Freedom and Property Rights. Thus Carbon Manna Unlimited's focus the past 18 months on the novel concept of "micro property rights" -- beginning with the "Sovereign Individual's" right (anywhere worldwide) to own, control and monetize their own Micro Carbon Footprint.

From divinely granted and legally protected Micro Property Rights spring Micro Free Will, Micro Political Choice, and Micro Democracy. Hence, all Macro Progress in the Developing World depends substantially on Micro Property Rights and Micro Economic Freedoms -- concepts that will also be broadly addressed by The Micro Revolutions Research Institute(SM).

To wit -- here are today's relevant Tweets re-published for Posterity:

The innovations of "The Micro Revolutions Research Institute(SM)" will stun millions of MFI minions stuck in the Deep Debt rut from Dhaka

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December 25, 2008

"Global Moral Lipodystrophy & The Micro Revolutions"


February 7, 2010

"The Micro Revolutions©" off Wall Street -- Micro Financial Services in the Developing World = Equity Manna(C)


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