Saturday, April 3, 2010

Carbon wolves in Carbon Manna(SM) sheep's clothing


Hello CarbonManna Illuminati --

In response to feedback from one of the Carbon Manna(SM) group members on who did not CC me on his correspondence the past few months with people in Kenya -- that's his fault -- I want to make it very clear that NO ONE worldwide is now actively working on a "Carbon Manna" project approved & supported by us at Carbon Manna UNLIMITED HQs here in San Diego.

If you are interacting with anyone worldwide who claims to be implementing the Carbon Manna(SM) System invented by David Palella at Carbon Manna UNLIMITED in San Diego, you should verify the facts by contacting me directly.

If in doubt, then CC me on alllll your correspondence related to "Carbon Manna" or "Carbon Micro-PROFIT Sharing" or "Carbon Micro Credits", and I will chime in to set the record straight, if needed.

And, again, the only bonafide legal entity working on the Carbon Manna(SM) System is our legal entity here in San Diego -- Carbon Manna **UNLIMITED**.

Any other company in the world with the words "Carbon Manna" in its name is an unauthorized imposter, fraud, and is violating our international trademark on "Carbon Manna(SM)".

Avoid these cunning carbon carpetbaggers & occult opportunists at all costs.

Globally & warmly yours,

David A. Palella
San Diego, California

cell: 619-787-5767
email (backup):

I will be/was a speaker or keynote speaker at:

2nd Kenya Diaspora Int'l Conference & Investment Forum

20-22 August 2009, Atlanta, GA


"Microfinance for Institutional Investors"

21-22 Sept. 2009, Washington, DC


"Micro Financial Services World"

[ organized by Hanson Wade ]

11-12 May 2010, Amsterdam City Centre, The Netherlands


Green Business Africa Summit & Expo

02-04 June 2010, Nairobi, Kenya