Friday, February 6, 2009

The Carbon Manna Corps


An Amway-style Hierarchy to Validate Carbon Micro Credits?

Nationwide Universal Eco Public Service

Ding dong! -- Avon calling! Did you use your Uganda stove today?

Getting the Religion of Carbon Manna

Many folks ask me about the mechanics of validating the Micro Carbon Offsets produced by millions of families taking part in a countrywide cell-phone-based Carbon Micro Credits (CMC) program. The answer ? -- Generating and claiming Carbon Micro Credits or Carbon Micro Offsets will become a nationwide social movement in many countries in the Developing World. Or, an Amway-style monitoring hierarchy will form to make sure that:

"Larger fleas have smaller fleas

Upon their backs to bite 'em

And these in turn have lesser fleas --

And so ad infinitum!"

In short, all families in the country will participate and all families will watch their neighbors to make sure they are not gaming the system.

But if you read this blog in its grand totality, you will see that no family in their right mind would try to cheat. If they were foolish enough to cook the old way, they would spend much more money on fuel (25 - 60% more), or spend much more time gathering biomass-based fuel from the surrounding countryside. Even the roundly uneducated can do this math.

Moreover, in our under-construction Carbon Micro Credit implementation in Kenya, we are planning to co-opt 1,000s of high school and university students in a nationwide "Carbon Manna Corps" to go into the field, into every town and village, to verify that families are indeed using their efficient Uganda-style charcoal stoves daily and properly. It will be a nationwide program to teach all Kenyan children the importance of religiously producing carbon offsets, and the need to reduce the rate of desertification of their Homeland.

There may be cultural reasons why this kind of nationwide civil service or public service program -- or Universal Eco Public Service -- will not work in some countries, but that's OK, their populations will be poorer as a result. Thus, I think eventually every country will overcome public lethargy and/or government inaction and implement a cell-phone-based Carbon Micro Credits Program. Otherwise, they are ceding the carbon offset markets to other more organized countries in the Developing World, and to the investment bankers on Wall Street (NY City) and in "The City" (London).

In sum, human creativity can overcome any challenges that may arise when implementing a cell-phone-based Carbon Micro Credits program, and when validating its output, even if millions of families are involved. Moreover, if your stomach is usually empty and you live on US$ 1 - 2 / day, you would be surprised how quickly you would religiously, methodically and scrupulously embrace production of Carbon Micro Offsets.

So instead of being skeptical all of you Doubting Thomases with full stomachs, why don't you get the religion of Carbon Micro Credits today? Think of solutions, instead of asking me questions about validation.

Children are full of questions because they are so easy to make. But only Women and Men of Great Mind ideate solutions. Only Heroines and Heroes then take Action. Believe in the eco-religion of Carbon Manna -- Carbon Micro Credits that directly enrich and empower the 2 billion Poor at the "Bottom of the Pyramid". They -- and Heaven -- will smile on you.

Civilly & publicly yours,

David Palella
Carbon Manna Unlimited
San Diego, CA
cell: 619-787-5767

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