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Khan Academy of Karbon Kapacity Building Needed for Afrika


Khan Academy of Carbon Capacity Building Needed for Africa

Tele-learning or Distance Education ? -- the solution for Carbon Projects training in Africa ?

Ethnocentric WASP (white Anglo-Saxon Protestant) carbon experts in North America and Europe often say that Africans are not yet qualified to accredit and verify / audit carbon-offset projects on their own continent because Africans do not yet have the "capacity" to do so.

This is "development" world speak for: "We're still smarter / better educated than you are."

So the fastest solution ? -- a Khan Academy for carbon projects training in Africa.

The training courses could be available on the internet, on good old-fashioned CD-ROMS, on DVDs, or via satellite TV or iPhone downloads from the Apple iTunes store, or via 99-cent downloads from -- whatever, the distribution method does not matter.

And these major American corporations could / should even provide the downloads / content free to I.P. (internet protocol) addresses in Africa.

The U.S.-based Khan Academy (founded by a 2nd-generation Bangladeshi-American) offers an excellent analog / model for those carbon offset practitioners in Africa wishing to emancipate themselves from the domination of the Western carbon-credit accreditation and auditing organizations -- whether those dominators are NGOs or non-profit or for-profit organizations.

Hey ! -- we're experts too !!

This simple phrase was the initial basis of the founding of every carbon project accreditation and auditing organization in the West. They just faked it until they made it, as a female billionaire entrepreneur in America said 40 years ago (Mary Kay).

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