Sunday, March 21, 2010

CarbonNapping & CarbonJacking: Micro Property Rights of the Poor Re-visited


Hello Folks,

Here are my latest 3 tweets, now blogged on Google, to indexo-petrify them for Posterity:

(1) Stop CarbonNapping & CarbonJacking by greedy carbon project carpetbaggers in poor countries. Promote adoption of the Carbon Manna(SM) System !

(2) Flash ! - Somalian pirates hijack carbon-offset projects of poor Kenyan villagers & demand ransom for value of carbon credits income stream!

(3) Theft of carbon micro property rights in the Developing World x 100,000 = "Grand Theft Carbon" -- Carbon-based life forms imitate art !


In sum, let's honor the MICRO PROPERTY RIGHTS of the Poor in the Developing World and not steal their carbon offsets produced by cooking more efficiently and/or using solar panels (instead of burning parafin to produce light).

The Carbon Manna(SM) System allows conversion of carbon micro offsets to cash or cell phone minutes (another fungible store of value). Hence, there is no justification for carbon project managers anywhere worldwide to malappropriate the carbon footprints of poor families.

Illegitimus non micro carborundum !

Globally & warmly yours,

David A. Palella
Chief Micro Visionary
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