Monday, August 10, 2009

Philanthropy Net - San Diego -- started on


Hello Friends & Neighbors,

Due to a screaming unmet networking need here in San Diego, we were forced to start a new in-person socializing group. Spreading the word & promoting meetings will be done on-line via

-->> Philanthropy Net - San Diego


If you have a sincere interest in Philanthropy, pro bono work or charitable giving, please sign up today, whether you're really in Southern California or not. We'll be liberally sharing pithy information via the group, which will also enrich the out-of-towners.

And if you prefer highly structured social engagements, don't come to our human-level Brownian motion-like near-random networking events. Rather, go to a yoga or square-dancing class. Equality, flat organization, and semi-organized social chaos -- that's the American way. Or, the corollary in China is: "Better to rumble like rocks, than to tinkle like jade."

Very leptonically yours,

David A. Palella



San Diego, California
cell: 619-787-5767

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I will be a speaker or keynote speaker at:

2nd Kenya Diaspora Int'l Conference & Investment Forum

20-22 August 2009, Atlanta, GA


"Microfinance for Institutional Investors"

21-23 Sept. 2009, Washington, DC


Green Business Africa Summit & Expo

June 2010, Nairobi, Kenya