Sunday, April 26, 2009

Carbon Manna Unlimited updates for April 2009


Provisional U.S. Patent filed on the Carbon Manna System

"Carbon Manna Economic-Rewards Allocation Guidelines" finalized

The "CarbonManna" channel on -- now in studio production

(1) Provisional U.S. Patent filed on the Carbon Manna System:

On 24 April 2009 we filed an 18-page provisional U.S. Patent on the Carbon Manna / Carbon Micro Credit system entitled:

"Micro-Credit / Micro-Profit Sharing Method & System for Claiming and Monetizing Personal Emissions Reductions"

Our sole reason for filing the application is to exclude copy cats who might implement bogus “Carbon Manna” programs with the surreptitious aim of exploiting the Poor. Malicious copy cats will be prosecuted to the full extent of the Law.

On the other hand, we don’t mind if copy cats do indeed copy us faithfully. That’s welcome. We want Carbon Manna to be an “open source” solution to global poverty.

And don't ask us if we profit from Carbon Manna programs worldwide. Manna is God's gift; it cannot be sold or bought.

(2) Carbon Manna Economic-Rewards Allocation Guidelines finalized:

In a related vein, detailed economic and accounting ground rules for sharing economic rewards in a Carbon Manna program have been finalized in a white paper entitled:

"Carbon Manna Economic-Rewards Allocation Guidelines --

Fairness Standards for Carbon Micro-Profit-Sharing Projects".

For the time being, this paper will remain confidential, but it is available upon signature of a 5-year CDA / NDA (secrecy agreement). If you are deadly serious about imminently implementing a Carbon Manna program in your country and you are a knowledgeable accountant / economist or have access to such expertise, please contact us to receive our draft CDA / NDA.

No idle eco-Looky Lou's or drive-by microfinance gawkers with Carbon Manna venus envy need apply. Only serious and seriously-qualified inquiries will be entertained. Be prepared for an FBI background check and breathalyzer test. All microfinance "professionals" that cannot "get it" within 5 minutes due to previous non-profit group-think Kool-Aid will get the Neuralyzer.

(3) "CarbonManna" channel reserved on

The "CarbonManna" channel has been reserved on, so watch for our upcoming video series on how Carbon Manna and Carbon Micro Profit Sharing will drive a 32-ounce marbled steak into the calcified and cholesterol-filled heart of microdysfinance [sic, sic]. And finally:

(4) Carbon Manna web site updated:

The web site has been updated extensively by Ms./Dr. Hong Ma, the Co-founder of Carbon Manna Unlimited, so please visit us again at:


Globally & warmly yours,

David A. Palella
Chief Carbon Manna Architect
San Diego, CA
tel: 858-793-0741

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